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School Profile

Melksham Oak Community School is a school created for Melksham and Wiltshire under the Building Schools for the Future programme. In addition to providing superb 21st Century educational location up to 1,350 students, including up to 200 in the 6th Form, Melksham Oak Community School also makes available its state-of-the-art facilities for the benefit of the local community.

School Performance Data

GCSE 2016:

Average Attainment 8 score: 47.84

Average grade: C-

Progress 8 score: +0.01

% of pupils achieving Grade C or better in Eng and Ma: 55%

% of pupils achieving the EBacc: 19%

A Level 2016

Progress: -0.16

Average grade: C+

At Melksham Oak Community School, 55% of our Year 11 pupils in 2016 achieved A*-C grades in English and Maths as well as a positive value for the new Government performance measure called Progress 8 – figures which show outstanding progress for this year group and continue our unbroken trend of being above the national average for progress for a number of years.

At A Level, we have increased our performance again for the fourth consecutive year in many areas, especially the percentage of grades achieved at A*-B, which has risen from 26.2% in 2012 to 48.7% in 2016.

These results demonstrate the great performance by our students with the support of parents and teachers, especially in the light of the significant changes made to the exam system in recent years.

Link to the Performance Tables website information for Melksham Oak Community School




Targets for Students

We use a range of data and information about individual students in order to set targets that are both challenging and highly aspirational. Central to this process is our belief that all students should be supported and challenged to make outstanding progress during their time at Melksham Oak, in order that they leave with the very best possible set of qualifications, ready and equipped for the next stage of their education, employment or training. Achieving these targets will essentially equate to students making 4 Levels of Progress in each subject from their arrival into Year 7 to the end of their GCSE courses in Year 11 and represents progress that is above the national expectation.


Melksham Oak Community Schools has been designed as a state-of-the-art 21st Century facility which will deliver not only outstanding educational opportunities but which can also be of benefit to all of the local community in “out of school” hours.

Set amongst beautifully landscaped grounds, which incorporate the ancient oak tree from which the school derives its name, the school is structured around clearly identifiable, colour-coded areas curriculum and social areas.

In addition to these, there are superb new outdoor sports and recreation facilities including a multi-use games area and an all terrain pitch.

Melksham Oak Community School has been fully equipped with the latest in educational technology and equipment and furnished in a contemporary style.

Location & Environment

melksham-oak-bldgBuilt on a green field site on the eastern edge of the town, Melksham Oak Community School has been designed to complement the environment in which is sits and to be as ecologically friendly to the local area as possible.

The ancient oak tree from which the school gets its name has been carefully retained and indeed protected for many years to come through specialist care and preservation work.

The school is of low profile construction and whilst being fresh and modern is designed not to overwhelm the area in which it now “lives” or conflict with either historic or modern building nearby.

Cedar wood has been used as external cladding on some of the buildings and the site has been extensively landscaped through the planting of hundreds of new shrubs and trees.

The building methods and materials, heating, lighting, insulation and glazing systems in the new facility are of course all to latest specification for maximum energy efficiency and a novel system of collecting rainwater from the roof of the School blocks means it can be filtered and then recycled for non-drinking water use at the site.