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Are you Sirius?

Supporting Each Other

The vision for Team Sirius can be summed up in 3 words: Challenge, Support and Success. We want everybody in Sirius to take on new challenges. That might mean representing your house at Sports Day, or it might mean mentoring a new Yr 7.

Over the coming months and years, every member of the house can expect to be challenged in some way, whether that be in their academic achievement, developing their own leadership or through sporting competitions and extra-curricular activities. Sometimes people will be nervous about taking part, worried that they are going to 'fail' and 'let the House down'. But that's not how it is at Sirius.

...yes we want success, but more importantly we want a house where everybody feels that they have something to offer, and where people feel comfortable trying something new – taking a risk.

We have an excellent team of House Leaders and Assistants who are there to support the students every step of the way. But it's not just them, in Sirius we should all be supporting each other – encouraging each other to take on that challenge, and offering support and guidance when things don't quite work out.

Through taking on new challenges, learning from our mistakes, and by supporting each other, I just know that everybody in Sirius will see great success. But it will only work if we are all in it together.

“Sirius have been working hard raising money for our chosen charity, Teenage Cancer Trust, in 2017-2018. At the start of November we held a Community Quiz Night where the house leaders worked hard to deliver a feast for the guests. They prepared, served and tidied up for their guests which helped to raise £198.38. The rest of the term has been a busy one with a Christmas Market stall headed by the amazing Thomas Greatwood and Molly Hobbs raised a huge £61.95. Their tombola, name the Teddy, guess the sweets and their business knowledge persuaded people to part with their money! And finally but by no means least Kelli Green and Caitlin Mead organised a successful movie night on Christmas Jumper Day raising another £19.50. The house leaders and I are looking forward to another busy term to help get Sirius in the lead with house points and keep their hands on the competition cup!”

mk avs aimehaydensmithSo, that just leaves me to ask once again... Are you Sirius?






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