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ml av callumwolffeDo it Right!

We value being united and pushing for greatness in every challenge. Our house respects everyone’s contribution and strives for everyone to be part of a collaborative team.

We believe in doing things right and we have integrity at the heart of every challenge we rise to. The house system is a great system to bring together all year groups and house members. It gives everyone a chance to use their ACORNS as a group and become more of a team. 

We have a great level of communication between everyone and value everyone's ideas. Being in Polaris house, you will be closer and feel more connected to the whole school community: teachers, other pupils in the house and support staff. 

In Polaris we strive to create a strong sense of team spirit throughout the house as we feel this is the key aspect to being a successful House. Being part of this house means that you will be pushed to be the best you can be whilst having loads of fun!

We are proud that everyone has a place and valuable attributes to bring to the table that will all build in creating a diverse and varied community which celebrates success, pushes for challenge and supports each other to become the best that we all can be.

We love the fact that we can draw upon so many interesting individuals within Polaris because it keeps things fresh and innovative.

Polaris house members know that their opinions are valued and their talents are used at every opportunity. We know that our house will bring a brighter more productive future.

polaris sport


Last year POLARIS house organised a 12 hour ‘Sportathon’. This consisted of 12 hours of non-stop sport where pupils from MOCS were sponsored to take part. On Saturday 8th July in the sweltering heat more than 70 pupils began this monumental task. Basketball, Dodgeball, Football, Tennis, Netball were a few of the sports that were undertaken on the day albeit interrupted by a BBQ after 6 hours to refuel. The overall the attitude, dedication and commitment of the pupils was just simply incredible; how they managed to complete all 12 hours I do not know.

A big thank you to all the pupils who took part, the parents and staff who came to support and the Wiltshire Aim Ambulance who organised a stall for the event. Overall more than 70 pupils took part and raised an incredible £2342 for Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

This year the house charity for POLARIS is again going to be Wiltshire Air Ambulance and the date is already in the diary for the next ‘Sportathon’. Will you take up the challenge?

Year 7 camp 2017

Wow!! What a camp for Polaris!! Rain, mud, wind, nothing was going to stop the new Year 7’s from getting stuck in to what was an AWESOME camp. The teamwork, encouragement, and overall atmosphere was a delight to behold and bodes well for the future. A great start to the year, long may it continue!!!

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