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As a school we have four houses, all named after stars. They are…

House symbols and names

Our House system is an important part of our students’ school lives. It provides students with opportunities to shine outside the classroom and it’s academic, community and competition elements embody our own school moto, which is to….

try hard

Mr Blowers, our house system’s founder, says this….

When I came to Melksham Oak in 2012 I felt that a House System might bring the following elements to the school:

  • A drive in Academic Standards
  • Developing Student Leaders
  • Creating Dynamic Competition


Mr Clark gave us the go ahead and so we built our House System. A democratic vote, all decided by the students, led to the creation of our 4 Houses, named after stars: Castor, Omega, Polaris and Sirius.

We quickly developed a team of student leaders who mentored others, created competitions and supported the school in a range of ways. Staff too are all affiliated to Houses and this helps maintain the camaraderie around school.

The ethos behind the House System was really clear, we wanted a vehicle that would provide opportunities both in and out of the classroom…4 years on and they are still going strong and having a real impact in school.

Who will win the coveted House Cup this year?                        .....................work hard and it could be you!