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About Our School

Welcome to Melksham Oak.

We are proud to be a fully inclusive school where we ask everyone in our community to: Work Hard, Be Kind and Respect one another.

These core values underpin our commitment to placing our students at the centre of everything we do. It is this shared ethos that we believe will provide the foundation for our students to flourish and become lifelong learners. We genuinely believe that we can provide an environment that removes limits and supports our students to be the best that they can be through raised aspiration, opportunity and achievement.

We are fully committed to creating young adults that are ready to succeed in a changing world. Put simply, we believe that our students can achieve great things: great academic achievements, great adventures and great friendships for life.

We are passionate about building positive relationships with our talented and hardworking students and staff.

We look forward to you joining us on our journey.


We have worked with staff, governors and students to be clear about what a great school looks like, and how we can measure our progress on the journey to becoming great.

We have embedded this into our school culture, under the title "statement of intent". The elements below are our statement of intent, stating our aims, and also how we hold ourselves accountable. We believe that it is part of our daily challenge to deliver these.

Putting students at the centre of everything we do, regardless of external pressures

By asking what impact it will have for students when we make every decision

Becoming a centre of excellence for Learning

By increasing the % of good/outstanding lessons Year on Year using the TEEP framework

Ensuring all students make at least expected progress

By delivering 4 levels of Progress for all

Supporting and challenging all members of our community to aspire to be the best that they can be

By using language of high expectation while demonstrating trust and accountability,to improve destination outcome and to deliver high quality CPD

Creating a culture where all members of the community are safe, valued, appreciated, supported and challenged and everyone is treated with respect and kindness

By being intelligently consistent, improving all behaviour outcomes and increasing attendance year on year. Reviewing all of our questionnaires and surveys and addressing the issues that arise

Engaging and collaborating with our community

By increasing our % uptake year on year, delivering outreach, working together evenings and continuing collaboration with other Melksham schools and the West Wilts Alliance of Secondary Schools


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